Resource Tradeoff

06 February 2014

There is a tradeoff between human and technology resources.

It is apparent where you’re developing software. If you’re making something quite small, notepad or any other basic text editor may very well be sufficient to get the job done. As the project expand and evolve, at some point it is often valuable to get an IDE - an Integrated Development Environment - which helps you manage the code and keep an overview.

The same tradeoff exists on many other levels, but are often far less obvious to the developers. Many frameworks and tools may be valuable to use on small projects where developer resources are quite scarce and expensive - and server resources not so much. At some point, however, the extra overhead introduced by most frameworks do become a significant burden and probably not worth using if the alternative is using a few developer resources to develop a lean, specific custom solution to the problems you’re facing.

Do remember this, when you’re considering web frameworks such as Zend Framework or other frameworks. While they seem like a box of candy to pick and choose from, they do some at a price.