Slides sell

05 February 2014

Be aware of the power of slides - not matter how much or little truth there may be in them - many will often accept them without any questioning. If someone made it into slides it must be true.

Many software packages are described in dumbed-down terms so that anyone - no matter how complex the problem the software addresses - can understand the bullet points and see how the solution a vendor propose is the perfect solution.

The problem is that often the dumbed-down terms are so broad and generic, that the points they cover may not apply to the challenge you’re facing - or the vendor has made broad assumptions of how - by changing your entire organisation - can use their solution to fix the problem they assume you have.

Always make sure the people who need to use the software has vetted it and are sure it is the solution and usable tool the vendor suggest. You shouldn’t be buying slides, but a solution to a problem.