Web as a craft

18 January 2014

It is both funny and tragic how everyone seems to be a web expert these days. No matter the challenge ahead - a webdesign, coding the next facebook or estimating server needs. Just because they have surfed the net it somehow by magic qualifies them to do this.

It would be like anyone who have ever shopped at Walmart, Tesco or any other mega-store instantly becomes an end-to-end expert merchant… or at least you should think so. As it happens, most people do know, that running a huge physical store do require a lot of different skills, and still face to project this knowledge to the web domain.

I’m not quite sure, how you got about changing this, but it needs to happen. Everything on the web do require skills and should be handled as a craft you learn. Sure anyone can open a restaurant and have a lucky day, where the customers like the food and are servered what they ordered in a reasonable manner and in due time, but to repeat it - do actually require people learn the craft, not just, that theu’ve surfed the net.