Not all environments are designed alike

14 January 2014

It seems once you’ve learned one way of doing things, you tend to repeat and refine it over and over again. This is perticular true, when it comes to how your development environment is setup. Often the team, their skills and the drivers behind the project, cause very different outcomes.

Open source projects are often made by teams spread out all over the world. Each member is supposed to provide their own environment and each member contribute “when they feel like it”. On corporate teams you might have experts providing the core platform, and need no to bother with setting the core foundation up. You only need to know it exist and you can depend on it. Start-up teams seems often to favor being able to deply solutions rapidly on cloud platforms, and seems buy more resources instead of optimizing the resources they have available.

No matter your situation, do remember when switching from on setting to another, the needs and reasoning behind the development environment may be quite different for good reasons.